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Advertising and Event Management. We offer full services for advertising and marketing in Egypt. Event management, Conference organizers, Corporate event planning and Team building. In addition to Decoration, Venue booking, and Catering. In conclusion, Event Planet specializes in designing, production and managing professional corporate events throughout Egypt.

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Our main services



A full services advertising agency in Egypt. We work to improve the relationships between our clients and the people who might be interested in what our clients have to offer. We make advertising, design, and creative content. Also some Media related services and marketing plans.


Event Management

We are an event management company in Egypt. We specialize in designing, production, and managing of professional corporate events. Our most noteworthy event Management services include Special Events, Conferences, and product Launches. In addition to Fashion Shows, Incentive Programs, Team Building, and Corporate Hospitality.


Stand Production

We design exhibition stands and see them through to plan a production. We also handle food and beverage and Ushers. you are in a professional yet understanding company. We are qualified company with vast industry sector experience. Our Expertise is proven through the wide range of projects and proven results. hence, Whatever your needs we can provide them.



First of all, We will talk to you, then generate ideas. After that, we develop and discuss the ideas while we have your requirements in mind.



Because we care about your satisfaction, we Prepare a detailed and illustrated proposal. Consequently, Including a fully costed budget.



We will check, and double check every aspect of your needs. So you can make sure that it will run smoothly.



When you agree on all the details, we will allocate experienced managers. They will ensure that all aspects of your requirements are professionally arranged. Because they will make these arrangements on time and budget.



You will feel the professional touch in our work because we are experts in our industry. Our team will work with you in order to provide the best possible material, and also the best possible outcome.

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We work with international customers all over the world. But why did we choose Egypt to host our events?. Not only because it is our home country. but also for many reasons. Here are the top ten reasons to organize an event in Egypt.


1- Since Egypt is an Exotic Location

The most important thing about an event is to remain memorable forever. Almost in all events, the main aspect is the location. and what is a better location than the Ancient and Modern country of Egypt?

2- Almost the Richest History of events.

Egypt probably has the highest number of events in all countries. So you should take advantage of Egypt’s world-leading conference facilities.

3- Strong and reliable Economy.

Leverage business off Egypt’s international markets and robust economy. You will have countless investment opportunities due to our always-active economic system.

4- Unforgettable Atmosphere Due to the exceptional setting.

Your Delegates and Clients will never forget the amazing atmosphere and stunning setting of Egypt. Impressing them by the location will increase the success of your conference.

5- Safety and Security.

Because of Egypt’s stable political environment, Security, and transparent legal system. You will enjoy working free of stress or any legal issues.

6- The Highest food quality and luxurious restaurants.

Almost half of Egypt’s culture is related to food and fine taste delights. So you will have the chance to Sample the menus of some of Egypt’s hundreds of fine dining restaurants.

7- Experience in Hosting Events and conferences.

Due to Egypt’s large number of hosted events. You can Benefit from Egypt’s past experience hosting major international events.

8- Since Egypt is a country of tourism, you will enjoy World-Class Hotels.

Sleep easy in multiple hotels, Because Egypt’s Collection of fine hotels will ensure your comfort. Benefit from the up to five stars hotels and the offering of premium services and packages.

9- Advanced technology and latest trends.

Attract new business and capture the eyes of potential clients. With state-of-the-art exhibition space and technology facilities.

10- Leisure time and outings.

Since Egypt has some of the best shopping locations, historical places, and culture Exhibitions. You can Enjoy Egypt’s world-class shopping, ancient places, art and culture in your downtime.

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