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Top 10 Reason to organize your event in Egypt

What is Event Planet?

Event planet is an event management company in Egypt. Started 9 years ago as an advertising company.

Event planet believes that a successful marketing campaign depends on 3 things: a concrete marketing plan, an attractive advertisement, and a big, organized event.

You are probably thinking “why should I bother with an event? I already have a good commercial or advertisement”

Online advertisement and commercials are amazing methods to announce your business. But face to face interactions with your clients is still necessary.

In the middle of all the digital marketing methods, people tend to forget what they see randomly. However, people will always remember a powerful human interaction. Which will be a powerful way to forge important relationships with your clients.

Events can include trade shows, conferences, user groups, expos, fundraisers, and more.

But will any event help?

Every event will be helpful for your business. But you want your event to be both helpful for your business and memorable for your clients. This is what event planet specializes in.

We manage events that make an impact on clients. First of all , we help in building trust with your clients and making your brand. Secondly, we give your customers a unique and memorable experience with your business by providing value to the event other than just being a regular business announcement. And finally, we organize your events in a way that keeps your clients engaged. And keeping them connected to you. We help you build a relationship with your clients. Not just a buyer-seller meeting.

Our events can and will add a lot of value to your brand image. And will help you build a genuine, long-lasting relationship.

But why Egypt?

Egypt is one of the leading countries in marketing and trading industries. Also it happens that Egypt has the most exotic locations on the planet. Take a look at our top 10 reasons to organize an event in Egypt.

What else can event planet do?

We provide many services but the most noteworthy are event management, advertising, marketing, and digital equipment rental.

We are professional directors in filmmaking and advertising industries. Your advertisement will be handled by the most creative ways that should display your business and also your services in the most understandable and relatable way to your customers.

We also have marketing specialists that can manage your whole marketing campaign. First of all we will talk to you and understand your ideas and what you want to do to promote your business. Secondly, we will discuss the professional options that can best fulfill your wishes. In addition, we will create a detailed template with all the information about your marketing plan procedure, in a chronological order. Including all budget plans and financial matters. Finally we will get back to you to discuss any changes that you might want to make.

Once all the details have been agreed, we can start working on putting your marketing plans in motion.

Equipment rental

If you lack the required equipment for a business meeting, a conference, or any event. We can provide these equipment for you at the cheapest price for equipment rental. We have LED screens, projectors, laptops, audio devices, speakers, microphones, and also interpreting booths. Head over to our equipment page for more details.


After we have shared with you what we do and how we do it, it is our turn to hear from you.

Contact us now and tell us what you need for your event or business.

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